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Inroad Defined... "Advance, Progress, Forward Movement, Headway."

Once the muscle has been fatigued successfully (this is termed "muscle inroad") the body, over time, will respond by becoming stronger. Once the intensity of effort and sufficient inroad is accomplished, the volume and frequency of the workout is a critical factor for continued progression. Recovery always comes before increase, so if you exercise for too long or too often, muscle growth stimulation will not occur. The amount of training easily becomes a factor in your ability to recover and become stronger. Thus, training sessions should be brief, as brief as possible.

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Med X Body is an evidence-based exercise studio where we base our philosophy on medical science.  Our workouts are (as a rule) performed 2 times a week for 30 minutes at a threshold level of intensity that activates all aspects of human metabolism.  Once the intensity of effort and sufficient inroad is accomplished, the volume and frequency of the workout is a critical factor for continued progression.  With that being said, we are the most advanced strength training facility in WNC, including all of Asheville.  Our goal is to introduce logic into a field run rampant with myth, superstition, erroneous fads, and mistaken conclusions.  The focus with any personal training program should be on the client's results and safety.  We offer state-of-the-art high intensity strength training sessions (HIT), highly effective routines based on scientific data.  Fact is, people have consistently proven they cannot or will not push themselves to reach their fitness goals.  We now have the technology and the KNOW HOW to transform your body in just a matter of minutes.

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