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Seniors & Strength Training

By H. M. James MA, MS

What can strength training do for seniors? It can do what it does for everyone else: preserves their functional ability and allow them to be physically independent.

One of the early studies on strength training and seniors (Journal of the American Medical Association, 1990), "forever changed the way strength training and ageing are viewed." The conclusion of the study was that seniors benefited from strength training by walking faster and doing daily activities more efficiently. In fact, their increased functional ability allowed them to do things they had not done for years. Not only did overall quality of life improve, but also there were no injuries.

In more recent studies out of Tufts University, Dr. Steven Blair summed up their studies with "You can take older adults into the weight room and push them. They don't die, they double and triple their muscle strength and throw away their walkers." This statement leads us to say that it is a myth that seniors are fragile and cannot become stronger. Blair goes on to say that, "during vigorous exercise, every system revs up metabolic, biochemical, hormonal, temperture regulation, function, and cardio vascular respiration."

Here, at MedXBody  we have seen what Dr. Blair talks about. Many seniors are able to reap the benefits of strength training and improve their quality of life. True, some seniors are weaker than others, but if they don't give up, we can help them become stronger. Our facility with MedX equipment and professional know-how is available to all. It is safe, supervised, and successful. However, a word of caution: Many so-called strength programs are not only a waste of time, but may also prove to be injurious. Remember, the old saying: "Inspect what you expect."

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