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Revolutionary and Groundbreaking

MedXBody builds upon scientific principles. It begins with the recognition that the basic laws of physics apply. Similarly, the fact that the principles of anatomy and physiology are universal, a sound approach to strength training is possible.

MedXBody is a evidence based strength training studio where we base our philosophy on medical science. Muscles are the engines of the body. They demand energy; they perform work; they produce movement. Without muscles, the body cannot function. Therefore, our program focuses on the muscles because "muscles are the only avenues by which an activity can effect the body. Thus it makes sense to tax them in a calculated, controlled manner. The remainder of the body- heart, lungs, bones, etc. - will join in to support the effort.


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(save $120)Standard Individual Training Package

$480 for 12 sessions

(save $360) Premium Training Package

$840 for 24 sessions

A great rate for couples, buddies, and training partners! This package can be split between two people. 

As always a free trial and consultation is at your disposal. Workouts are performed two to three times per week. Please call today to set up your free strength training consultation with Tedd.

Who We Are

At MedXBody there are NO membership fees or orientation fees – the only thing you pay for are your personal training workouts…that’s all! No year long contracts that keep charging your credit card, even if you stop coming. Our state-of-the-art training studio is set up for a detailed one-on-one atmosphere to help you reach the results your looking for. During your 30 minute workout, you will receive safe, on-going instruction and encouragement from our professional staff. MedXBody has been serving Asheville for over 20 years, and is still the leader in innovative strength conditioning.


Free Trial and Consultation

What to expect from our training

No distractions
No dangerous CrossFit
No intimidation
Private and personal
No noise
Precise and scientific
Innovative equipment
Guaranteed results
Safe environment
Injury free
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